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Arrests unconnected with March attacks on Brussels, federal prosecutor says

Belgian police make terror arrestsBelgian police make terror arrests

Part 4 of an FT series that considers the UK’s icons of national identity

British by design: the pubBritish by design: the pub

Investment banker André Esteves among those facing obstruction of justice case in Brazil

Lula da Silva and six others to be triedLula da Silva and six others to be tried

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YouGov survey shows only 45% back independence for sake of staying part of EU

Scots prefer being in UK to EU, poll saysScots prefer being in UK to EU, poll says

Banketto actualités
Monte dei Paschi, RBS and AIB the main losers in largely positive appraisal

Europe’s bank sector passes stress testsEurope’s bank sector passes stress tests

Banketto actualités
World’s biggest brewer is set to extend its global reach with third-biggest deal in history

SABMiller board backs AB InBev’s new bidSABMiller board backs AB InBev’s new bid

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Bank sets Easter weekend 2018 as date of ringfence operation

Barclays details plan for investment armBarclays details plan for investment arm

Banketto actualités
A string of terror attacks has shaken country and renewed criticism of government’s refugee policy

Germany: Welcome wears thinGermany: Welcome wears thin

Former governor of the Bank of England has described bankers as ‘incompetent and greedy’

King joins Citigroup despite past disdainKing joins Citigroup despite past disdain

Theresa May’s shift in policy throws Britain’s warming relations with Beijing into doubt

Hinkley delay catches China by surpriseHinkley delay catches China by surprise