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Leave voters were fuelled by fear of immigration and mistrust of elites and experts

Brexit battle reveals a divided nationBrexit battle reveals a divided nation

Banketto actualités
86 Tories call on PM to stay to stop quick leadership battle

Eurosceptic MPs rally behind CameronEurosceptic MPs rally behind Cameron

33 groups survive toughest scenario designed by Federal Reserve

Big banks pass first round of stress testBig banks pass first round of stress test

What are the biggest legal challenges in the event of a Leave vote? FT readers share their insights

Legal experts tackle big Brexit questionsLegal experts tackle big Brexit questions

Banketto actualités
Turnout reaching as high as 80% across stormy south and balmy north

Britons ignore floods to cast their voteBritons ignore floods to cast their vote

Former bankrupt took ‘hardship’ advance from the retailer, according to chain’s chief

Owner tried to book trip on BHS accountOwner tried to book trip on BHS account

Protest over pay, conditions and government funding

Teachers in England vote for strikeTeachers in England vote for strike

FCA warns brokerages of ‘potential conduct risks’ ahead of expected market volatility

Regulators warn on post-referendum tradesRegulators warn on post-referendum trades

Role in Middle East crises highlights struggle between Islamic Republic’s moderates and hardliners

Iran sends mixed messages on diplomacyIran sends mixed messages on diplomacy

Hostages released unharmed after police rush masked man who fired four shots

German gunman shot dead in cinemaGerman gunman shot dead in cinema