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Short Term Rate
Short Term Rate

Short Term Rate

Short Term Rate : Euribor rate © is the currency rate, short-term market in the euro zone. The basis for short-term investment savings, as well as support indexing for credit at a variable rate, the rate short-term Euribor is essential.

Published Sunday 13 March 2011, written by Banketto UK

Taux Euribor EURIBOR : Rate curve

(EURIBOR ® rate curve, for the last 30 trading days (Euribor maturity 3 months). Only indicative information.)

Euribor rateEURIBOR rate : Short term rate index

The Euribor ® rate, with the Eonia rate, are the two rate indexes for the euro area.

Euribor index rate © is essential for the variable rate loans and short-term investment rates.

Short Term Rate Euribor, Rates

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